Berry's 1st Year-End Giveaway 뿅~~

by - 3:13 PTG

The special poster?? or maybe banner >< that I made just for this entry. Like baekhyun say, this GA is daebak. LOL wanna join?? Click my beautiful banner XD
Assalamualaikum :)
Time tengah blogwalking, terjumpa GA nie dekat satu blog, bila baca entry dia.. wah Daebak GA nie. And then terus update entry nie, abai terus blogwalking tadi. Hahaha XD LOL nak tahu apa yang daebak nye?? huhu for k-popper expecially EXOSTAN this GA surely DAEBAK to join , like meh :D Because the prize is really,really,really daebak!!!. Owh my eye can't see k-stuff, i really wanna it! Please give to me juseyo !! ><
Syarat pulak, really,really simple.

The Prize list
1. Baekhyun photocards/bookmark from Polar Light calendar.
2. EXO-K postcards (unofficial)
3. EXO XOXO logo inspired felt keychains.
4. Handbanners from 2013 Golden Disk Awards (this is my collection. I will only give away a few)
5. EXO-K stickers (unofficial)
7. EPOP/KLIK posters (random artists)
 (Brooches, deco stickers, mask, tudung bawal, knitted pouch, random plush keychains.)

See, daebak right?? huhu prize dari polar light yang tak tahan tu. XP k-popper mana yang tak kenal polar light, dia pun dah macam artis coz ramai peminat dye :D  btw jangan ingat GA nie just for k-popper. Un k-popper pun boleh join, korang berpeluang untuk dapat hadiah part 2. :)

My bias in EXO is Lu-ge!! ehh?? haha LUHAN :D 
Yeah,Every night, you know you always look so fine
You’re just like a rock star, you know how handsome you are,
Imma take you to the secret place
Drop the shades and crank the bass uh
Hey boy you know how to play
(Uh, I know how to play)
- LOL porady The Star-
Look he so cute right?? opss.. no, he SANG NAMJA oke XD He the only one my bias in EXO but i'm still love & like other member. But i most like EXO-M member coz whenever i see the video of EXO or EXO-M, i can see my Deer Lu-ge who now turn to Koala Lu-ge  :D Yehet! and I was see at the picture of prize I saw the handbanner of luhan ( if i didn't wrong ><) I hope i can get that and my only bias of the group is INFINITE,.. wooowoowoowoo,..woo,woo,woo.. coz ur my destiny XD *sing Destiny*
넌 나의 희망, La Esperanca ::
If you fall in love with one of the member, you will fall in love with all member too -Lkim-
LOL masuk bias lain nampak, huhu.. memandangkan prize yg banyak EXO, so arrien taknak story pasal INFINITE dalam entry nie.. huhu INFINITE oppa,mieane XD
oke sampai sini sahaja entry yang arrien nak tulis, EXOstan jangan lupa join. Click banner yang arrien made special for this GA entry XP
I Hope I can win,Amin :)

Due Date : Maybe 20/1 - 1/2/2014 coz the owner of the GA have exam in Jan and will free after that.
p/s: Sorry for the broken english >< & bahasa rojak LOL XD

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