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Special Tutorial Blogskin :
Cara Tukar Header Untuk My Nothing's Over.

Tutorial Blogskin :
Cara Download Blogskin. Cara tukar Template Designer ke Blogskin. Disable Right Click. Letak Background dalam Blog." Open New Tab (Blogskin). Add Comment. Dapatkan LINK entry. Letak Link Di Post Title. Letak Facebook Like Button. Put Older Post. Letak Follower Widget Di Blogskin. Tukar Title Blogskin. Letak Share Facebook Button. Disable Highlight Text. Tukar Bullet Post Kepada Icon Comel. Highlight Text. Letak Icon Sebelah Comment. Disable Open Page Source. Note Bawah Post. Blockquote Like Me. Blockquote Like Me #2. Put Rules With Icon. Sidebar Title #Style 1. Title & Sidebar #Style 2 (Like Me). Sidebar Title #Style 3. Sidebar Title #Style 4 {Like Me}. Border keliling blog. Korean & Japanese number. List With Special Hover. Put Link in Bloglist. Blog Archive (Like me). Blog Archive #2. Twitter Widget. Twitter Widget #2. Change Cursor. Disable Dragging Image. Navigate Network [ LIKE ME ]. Disable Click on Image. Click on The Board. Comment Platform. Scroll Bar Comment Platform. Border Keliling Gambar. Affiliates Page in New Tab. Credits Sectin. Jquery Top Button. Top Comment. Header with Body. Change Older & Newer Post to Icon. Status Bergerak. GA List with Image. Image Border at Entry Only. Ayat Bergerak di Menu Tab. Labels. Put Bloglist. Disable Ctrl+U. Navi Header (Like Me). Tooltip

Bias List :
Bias List Like Me!.

Navigation :

Navigate Hover. Navigate Hover #2.