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Do you take any request (edit blog,blogskin,etc.) ?
Sorry dear, not for this time. I'm actually in mood semi-hiatus.

Can you help me with this & that (tutorial,poster,etc.) ?
Yes, sure. I will try to help you if i can :)

Can I use your basecode?
Honestly I say, I don't like people using my basecode. So you understand right, what I'm trying to say :)

Can I RE-POST or RE-FREEBIES your tutorial & freebies?
Yes, If in that entry I didn't mantion word "NO/DONT RE-FREEBIES or RE-POST" but if you are good and kind person please CREDIT to me :)

Have anything question? Ask me at my box ^_^
[Please leave your blog link if you had ask me a question about tutorial blog]

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