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I want trading Dongwoo pc! but..

babe! This too cute, pabo ><
Assalamualaikum :)
Yeah!! i'm really happy now bcoz I was received my albums :D First time buying Infinite album ^_^ ahak..
But I was get 3 dongwoo pc from 5 pc i get :( I want myungsoo pc too T.T... p/s : I'm didn't sad bcoz I didn't like dongwoo or what, but I'm sad bcoz i'm didn't get my bias pc. I love all Infinite member oke ;)

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[haha my feeling was like Hoya when i'm open the album & see the most pc i get was dongwoo. I'm was like "myungsoo!! where myungsoo, where???!! TT__TT" ]
Anyway I want to trading the pc, but not now but after SPM ~ I'm know this nonsense but I'm just try =_= So anybody here want trade pc with me? I'm want L & Hoya. *only can trade with dongwoo pc* If you want trade pc with me, make sure ur keep your pc properly and safely start now bcoz my pc is new and arrien jenis orang yang sangat cermat & sangat menjaga barang. So arrien tak nak nanty bila dah trade, arrien get pc yang dah rosak but arrien bagi yang still elok. Ini tidak adil kan? hehe :D So sesiapa yang nak trade, please keep your pc & contact me after i'm done with spm LOL but done warry bcoz I'm will post again about this after SPM XD So bye, see you again after SPM ^_^

P/s : Who ever bought an album Paradise? does it is usually able 2 pc? -_- coz I'm get 2 pc i one album!!
P/s again LOL : Who's can read hangul & know the meaning? Please tell me what is written on the PC because I can read hangul but I didn't kwon what it mean =_=

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Bye see you all again after SPM ^_^

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