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Kena Tag? : The Liebster Award by Eff (?)

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Assalamualaikum :)
Actually petang nie sepatutnya ada di tuisyen but disebabkan hujan & my mom tak berani nak hantar & my dad pulak takde so.. enjoy lah..hehe astarfirullahalazim :D Dan alang2 lama tak update blog dengan entry, sebelum nie hanya entry GA so arrien gunakan tagged question dari adik Syakirah sebagai entry kali nie LOL.
Let's start :)
1. What is your name?
Name?? real name or nickname? hehe Just know me as Arrien Amani okey :)
2. Name your bestfriends. Write what you guys want to say to them.
Khary, Yaya & umai. I want to say, let's keep this friendship until Jannah, Insyaallah :)
3. Do you like k-pop? why? if not, what do you like & why?
Yes, i'm like k-pop, bcoz.. urm i'm don't know! it's just like jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama LOL
4. You have crush? Do you dare to write his name here? keke
Yes! and i'm dare. It not just a persone but 7 boys :D I'will write their name at here!
Kim Sung Kyu, Jang Dong Woo, Nam Woohyun, Lee HoWon, Lee Sung Yeol, Kim Myung Soo, & Lee Sung Jong :D
5. If you have a chance to meet your fav artiste, what would you do?
I will get their sign & take a picture with them!! XD
6. Do you like to watch korean variety shows?
Yes!, of course. I like very much RM and all variety shows that have INFINITE as their guests :)
7. What do you think of my blog? Can give me some advices?
It's nice & cute. :) just need to enlarge font size on sidebar bcoz it's too small :)
8. State 2 of your big wishes.
One, I want go to Makkah with my family and second I want go to korea :D
9. Your Favourite things?
urm.. My CD & photobook collection & all valuable items, keke
10. What your ideal type? 
A man of good morals, faith & can guide me to ALLAH's heaven :)
11. Do you love your school? Why?
yes, because that is where I am seeking knowledge and acquiring knowledge ^_^

And last, 
Tina's place. | via Tumblr
To my pabo oppa, please take care of your self dear. Don't smile if you're actually sick bcoz make my heart hurt. Get a rest well Namu and always be a INFINITE's Greasy. Saranghae :')

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Nurul Syakirah Mohammed berkata...

yehet yehet thank you unnie for answering. I'm so happy lol btw best of luck for ur SPM :D u can do it! Aja aja fighting! hv a nice day~

Arrien::@man!:: berkata...

@Nurul Syakirah Mohammed haha yeolwelcome dear.. oke kamsahamnida saeng :)

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