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January's Giveaway by Nurizyan & Farisah.

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Hi,Assalamualaikum :) Let's join this GA!! Faster!, This GA is organized by theme Izyan and Farisah and K-POP. So, a lot of K-POP items up for grabs. So what are you waiting for?! Come join now and win the prize. Over 100 winners to find. Maybe you're one of them? so let's join now. Click the banner above!
GA lasted from 30 December 2013 until January 30, 2014
Gift list:
Top Refferal
  • Blogslist sebulan by Najihah
  • Topup RM 5 by Syafiqah
  • Diskaun by Syarafana
  • Review Blog by Zulaizat
  • Review Blog by Alis
  • Shawl Tribal x1 by Syarafana
  • Exo-k growl pvc card x1 by Farisah
Entri Kreatif
  • Review Blog by Zulaizat
  • Kpop Button badge x1*boleh pilih group yang anda nak* by Shiedah Kpop shop
  • Blogslist Sebulan by Najihah
  • Diskaun  by Syarafana
  • Shawl x1 by Hafizah
  • Topup RM5 by x1 by syafiqah
  • Bookmark Langkawi x3 by Nadratur
  • Header x1 by Alis
  • Review blog x3 by Vidolaaa
  • Review blog x3 by najihah
  • Bloglist Sebulan x3 byNajihah
  • Cursor x2 by Zulaizat
  • Topup RM 5 x2 by Dayana
  • Diskaun x18 by Syarafana
  • Barang L.A Coffee x1 by Qeela
  • brooch felt x3 *untuk seorang* by hafizah
  • Exo Bag x1 by Ain kpop shop
  • Exo pencil box x1 by Ain Kpop Shop
  • Kpop button badge x2 *boleh pilih group yang anda nak* by Shiedah Kpop Shop
  • Shiseido x50 pcs by Eme liena
  • Eye mask x10 pcs by Eme Liena
  • Rice milk soap collagen x5 pcs by Eme Liena
  • Super whitening soap x5 pcs by Eme Liena
  • Majalah Epop bulan Feb 2014 x2 by nurizyan
  • Majalah Klik bulan Feb 2014 x2 by Farisah
  • Bookmark x2 by Mia
  • Keychain x3 by hermosa wardrobe
  • Coming Soon
Important Dates:
  • January 30, 2014 (Ends GA)
  • February 8, 2014 (the announcement of the winner of Top Referrals and creative entries)
  • February 15, 2014 (Random winner announcement)

Over 50 prizes to be won
Over 100 winners Wanted
Giveaway entries will be void if fewer than 50 people!!

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