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Freebiess Request : Kim Jong Kook Icon.

As said before, I'm going for freebies Kim Jong Kook to you all, but this icon actually asked by someone I do not know who he is, but I am still fulfill her request as he had requested. Sorry for being slow to post this entry: D Sorry again if it looks bad because of the added impact caused her eyes did not seem. 


Extra from me :D :

Sorry if it is so bad hope u all like it. Credit me as INFICON if u take it ^_^

2 ulasan:

♥ layla naziera ♥ berkata...

Hi arrien , actually saya yang request dekat awak hari tu , bdw thanks sesangat dekat awak sebab sudi trima req saya . love it so much . done credit awak jugak dekat bahagian site saya ^^

Arrien ::@man!:: berkata...

@♥ layla naziera ♥ owh,oke no problem.. anyway tq 4 the request and credit and u are welcome :)

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